APSN/JSN CME Course 2016

Report of APSN/JSN CME course 2016 in Yokohama, JAPAN

The APSN/JSN CME course 2016 was held successfully on June 16th, in Yokohama, Japan. Over 60 physicians and researchers attended. 24 young nephrologists and 6 speakers were invited from Asian-Pacific region and supported by APSN/JSN. The invited speakers included Vivek Jha, Sydney Tang, and Hung Chun Chen, the APSN ExCo members. As a member of the APSN CME committee, Manisha Sahay also gave a talk, and Takashige Kuwabara made all the administrative jobs to hold the course. There were updated and practical lectures including AKI, CKD, electrolyte disorders, transplantation, biomarkers, peritoneal dialysis and so on. Questionnaire with some images and case-based presentations also achieved active discussion.

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APSN/JSN CME Course 2015

Report of APSN/JSN CME course 2015 in Nagoya, JAPAN

The latest APSN/JSN CME course was held successfully on June 4th, in Nagoya, Japan. This CME course is organized to educate young nephrologists from the Asian-Pacific area, and to promote international communication. Almost 40 young nephrologists invited from Asian-Pacific countries attended. Based on the last year’s survey and the opinion of the APSN CME committee members, several case-based presentations from the outstanding practitioners were conducted following the lectures by the experts. All the attendees enjoyed active discussion and communication in the CME course and at the Welcome Party.

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