Letter from ISN Programs Chair

Dear Colleagues,

I write to you on behalf of the International Society of Nephrology’s Programs leaders: we would like to share a few important opportunities with your members.

As you now, ISN is a unique medical society offering a broad range of education, training and research activities for nephrology professionals.

Each ISN Program, wherever you are from, allows you to connect with nephrologists worldwide, get the training you need and learn new skills, teach and experience first hand the challenges of practicing kidney care in different settings. We believe that the ISN Programs are an invaluable opportunity for your members.

We would like to ask you to inform your members of the next application deadline – May 1st, 2016 – for the following Programs:

Please note that ISN is very proud to partner with the Asia Pacific Society of Nephrology. This partnership brings additional co-funded opportunities for programs in the Asian Pacific area.

This year, our program application procedures have been migrated to an online application system. Therefore, ISN will only accept applications through our new system. This is a much easier way to apply for ISN support.

Within the context of the 0 by 25 initiative, ISN Programs particularly welcome applications focused on detecting and treating Acute Kidney Injury.

How can you help?

There are several ways in which you can help us promote our Programs:

  • Write and / or translate a news article of your society website
  • Send a direct mailing to your members or include a news item in your newsletter
  • Create online banners for your website (we can provide you with templates)
  • Post information on your Facebook / Twitter accounts or on other social media
  • Include advertisements in your society’s journal – online or in print

ISN can provide you with ready-made templates to be used for the above actions,

please feel free to contact Ariane Brusselmans at abrusselmans@theisn.org

We thank you very much in advance for your kind support!

Best wishes,

John Feehally

ISN Programs Chair

ISN Five Core Programs

The Fellowship Program

Physicians from emerging countries get hands-on training in a developed renal center. Returning home, they share what they have learned, improve local care and start more ISN Programs.

The Clinical Research Program

This program funds clinical research projects addressing local needs for acute and chronic kidney disease treatments in emerging countries.

The Educational Ambassadors Program

ISN experts visit developing renal centers for one to four weeks to provide specific hands-on training or help develop new services, community-based research or screening programs.

The Continuing Medical Education Program

The Continuing Medical Education Program offers essential teaching and training to developing medical communities. Expert speakers from both sides of the world share their knowledge and experience in clinical care and research.

The Sister Renal Centre Program

Renal centers in emerging countries partner with centers of excellence in the developing world. With educational support and guidance, the emerging centers become self-sufficient offering better care for patients. ISN and The Transplantation Society have also developed the Sister Transplant Centre Program to link transplantation centers.