President’s Message, May 28, 2019

Masaomi Nangaku, President

Dear all APSN Members and Supporters,

The Korean Society of Nephrology (KSN) held the 39th Annual Meeting KSN 2019 at Seoul Dragon City in Seoul, Korea. Yon Su Kim (president of the KSN) and Hyeong Cheon Park (chair of the international affairs of the KSN) generously held the APSN/KSN CME courses on May 24, 2019 during the annual meeting.

Yon Su Kim

Hyeong Cheon Park







The APSN/KSN CME courses matched the major missions of KSN by adding depth to the international exchanges and providing various educational opportunities. The APSN speakers included Kuo-Cheng Lu (president of the Taiwan Society of Nephrology), Adrian Liew (Singapore), and myself. Hyeong Cheon Park will give detailed report soon.

Kuo-Cheng Lu

Adrian Liew






The APSN is active in education and exchange activities and continue to hold CME courses (Chair: Xueqing Yu, co-chair: Katherine Barraclough) in collaboration with national societies.

The KSN held the KSN/ISN joint symposium with David Harris (immediate past president of the ISN and past president of the APSN) during the meeting and discussed the medical cooperation in nephrology between South Korea and North Korea. This session clarified one of the important issues in North-East Asia. There are many issues that the APSN also need to address.

David Harris






The APSN will move on to cater for the needs of the Nephrology community throughout the region, and we treasure your views on how we should further advance nephrology in the Asia Pacific region. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me, any of the Executive and Council or through the Secretariat

Best wishes,

Masaomi Nangaku


Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology