The APSN Continuing Medical Education Committee (Committee) is a subcommittee of the APSN and provides advice to the APSN Executive Council. The Committee aims to provide leadership, coordination and direction for Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities of the APSN.


  1. Work with Host Societies in developed countries to deliver CME courses aimed at young nephrologists from low to low-middle income countries in the Asia Pacific region.
  2. Recommend APSN speakers for these CME courses and for other regional meetings as appropriate.
  3. Invite and assess nominations for travel grants to CME courses from APSN affiliated societies.
  4. Provide support for CME activities held in conjunction with regional meetings of developing countries.
  5. Evaluate and endorse CME courses and consider means to improve upon them.


Muh-Geot Wong, Australia

Deputy Chair:

Lily Mushahar, Malaysia


Katherine Barraclough, Australia

Gary Chan, Hong Kong

Wei Chen, China

Chih-Kang Chiang Chiang, Taiwan

Sinee Disthabanchong, Thailand ;

Chuanming Hao, China

Sang-kyung Jo, Korea

Mei-Chuan Kuo  Kuo, Taiwan

Adrian Liew, Singapore

Alison Ma, Hong Kong ;

K S Nayak, India

Hyeong-Cheon Park, Korea

Yusuke Suzuki, Japan

Esther Zhao Zhi Tan, Malaysia

Tetsuhiro Tanaka, Japan

Kornchanok Vareesangthip, Thailand