The Young Nephrologists’ Committee (YNC) is an established committee within the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN) and it reports directly to the Council of APSN.


  1. To encourage engagement and participation of young nephrologists in all aspects of the Society.
  2. To address the needs of young fellows in both developed and developing countries by providing feedback to the Society.
  3. To promote the personal development of young nephrologists in terms of leadership and scientific knowledge.
  4. To facilitate collaboration of research and clinical trials between countries in Asian-Pacific region.
  5. To support the Continuing Medical Education (CME) course by providing opinion to the CME committee about the interests of young nephrologists and the educational needs of trainees.

Australia / New Zealand Dr Titi Chen
China Dr. Dajin Chen
Hong Kong Dr Jack Ng
Japan Dr Yosuke Hirakawa
Korea Dr. Jihyun Yang
Malaysia Dr. Lydia Kamaruzaman
Mongolia Dr. Mandkhai Nergui
Philippines Dr. Maria Ana Louise M. Naidas
Singapore Dr. Clara Ngoh
Sri Lanka Dr. Nayomi Wadduwage
Taiwan Dr. I-Ru Chen
Thailand Dr Kornchanok Vareesangthip