The Diversity and Equity (DEC) Committee

The Diversity and Equity Committee of the Asia Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN) is committed to promoting, enabling and supporting diversity, equity and inclusiveness for all its members.

We recognise the compelling evidence that organisations composed of members with differing skills, experience and perspectives experience broad benefits at both the organisational and member levels. We recognise diversity as all the differences between people that make them who they are, including differences in age, ability, career stage, gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion and socioeconomic background.

The Diversity and Equity (DEC) Committee of the APSN is accountable for:

  1. Collate data on existing diversity and equity within the APSN, and formally monitor and annually report on diversity and equity data to the APSN membership.
  2. Establish targets for diversity in APSN leadership positions, on committees and at educational events (speakers and chair positions), and actively seek diverse and inclusive representation in these roles.
  3. Consider and report on barriers to diverse and equitable representation.
  4. Develop policies and action plans to address existing barriers and encourage and support individuals from unrepresented groups to participate more fully in the APSN.

The Diversity and Equity (DEC) Committee Member

Name Role Country Represented Society
Motoko Yanagita Chair Japan Japanese Society of Nephrology
Shilpa Jesudason Member Australia Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology
Fan Han Member China Chinese Society of Nephrology
Lorraine Kwan Member Hong Kong Hong Kong Society of Nephrology
Hayne Park Member Korea Korean Society of Nephrology
Bryan Leong Chong Men Member Malaysia Malaysian Society of Nephrology
Kornchanok Vareesangthip Member Thailand Nephrology Society of Thailand
I-Wen Wu Member Taiwan Taiwan Society of Nephrology
Sukanya Govindan Member India Indian Society of Nephrology
Pringgodigdo Nugroho Member Indonesia Indonesian Society of Nephrology
Amer Azher Member Pakistan Pakistan Society of Nephrology
Ha Phan Hai An Member Vietnam Vietnam Urology-Nephrology Association