Honorary Distinguished Life Members

Kenzo Oshima
Priscilla Kincaid-Smith
Kirpal Chugh
Visith Sitprija

Priscilla Kincaid-Smith Award

2005        Keng Thy WOO (Singapore)
2008        Kiyoshi KUROKAWA (Japan)
2010        Kar Neng LAI (Hong Kong)
2014        Sei SASAKI (Japan)
2016        Stephen HOLDSWORTH (Australia)
2020        Philip K T LI (Hong Kong)
2021        David JOHNSON (Australia)

Kenzo Oshima Award

2005        Gavin BECKER (Australia)
2008        Robert C ATKINS (Australia)
2010        Hideto SAKAI (Japan)
2014        Daniel T M CHAN (Hong Kong)
2016        K S CHUGH (India)
2018        Visith SITPRIJA (Thailand)
2020        Jeremy CHAPMAN (Australia)
2023        David HARRIS (Australia)

Kirpal Chugh Award

2021        Ghazali AHMAD (Malaysia)

Haiyan Wang Lecturers

2018         Ming Hui ZHAO (China)
2020         Yasuhiko TOMINO (Japan)
2021         Carol POLLOCK (Australia)
2023         Somchai Eiam ONG (Thailand)

Ross Bailey Lecturers

2005        Kyoshi KUROKAWA (Japan)
2008        David HARRIS (Australia)
2010        Kar Neng LAI (Hong Kong)
2014        Suhnggwon KIM (Korea)

Excellence in Basic Science Award

2023        Ming LI (China)


APSN Nephrology Fellowship Program

Introduction and Objectives

The objective of the APSN Nephrology Fellowship program, first established in 2009, is to assist nephrologists from the Asian-Pacific region to receive clinical training in established nephrology units within the Asian-Pacific countries, as a means of improving the standard of nephrology clinical service in the Fellows home countries. Priority will be given to applicants from developing countries, and those who are in the formative phase of their career

General Information

Duration and Fellowship subsistence rate:
The duration of the Fellowship is from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 6 months. The award will be calculated based on the rate of not more than USD2300 per month according to the living standard of the region of the host unit, plus a maximum of USD500 for transportation.


1) Fellows must return to work in their home countries after their training. Fellowship awardees who failed to abide with this commitment are to return to the APSN the awarded sum plus 20%.
2) Upon completion of the Fellowship training the Fellow must submit an End-of-Training Report, according to the specified format, to the current APSN President within one month. The report must be endorsed by the unit or department Head of his/her home unit.

Eligibility Criteria

1. An applicant must be a resident in Asian-Pacific countries whose nephrology societies are member societies of the APSN.
2. The proposed host unit must be within a member country of the APSN.
3. An applicant must be an Ordinary or Life member of the APSN.
4. The age of an applicant must be between 30 and 45.

Application and Selection Procedures

Application for the Fellowship should include the following documents:
1) a completed APSN Nephrology Fellowship Application Form [see link below]
2) a plan of training (maximum of two A4 pages), prepared by the applicant and endorsed by the supervisor in the proposed host unit, highlighting how the training would benefit the recipient and his/her home unit

Please send the application to the Secretary of the APSN at the following address:

Professor Hyeong Cheon Park

Honorary Secretary

Department of Internal Medicine
Gangnam Severance Hospital
Yonsei University
email address:


ISN Regional Training Centers

The ISN has selected 21 ISN Regional Training Centers to provide in-depth specialized training to improve patient care in different regions of the world. Their approval is for a period of 5 years (2021-2026).

These centers were selected by the ISN Core Programs Committee as institutions of excellence in low and middle-income countries to:

  • Hosting fellows (ISN provides up to 12 months of financial support to fellows).
  • Holding educational meetings and workshops on regionally relevant topics.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise via the ISN Educational Ambassadors or Continuing Medical Education Programs.
  • Supporting emerging centers from low resource areas through the Sister Centers Programs.
  • Contributing to the ISN Academy – either by developing educational materials or contributing to webinars.
  • Developing and engaging in advocacy activities and collaborations with local and regional authorities.


Below is an overview of the various application deadlines for the ISN Programs.


ISN Global Outreach Programs

The ISN Fellowship Program provides relevant and contemporary nephrological training to physicians from emerging countries, with the ultimate goal of improving the standards in the Fellows’ home countries upon their return.In 2013 the APSN linked to these programs to provide combined funding.

Please click on the ISN logo to enter the ISN website to keep up to date with these programs.

ISN Sister Renal centres

ISN Clinical Research Program

ISN Educational Ambassadors

ISN CME Program


ISN Regional Specific Fellowship Programs

ISN APSN fellowship

For young physicians training in nephrology in the Asian Pacific area.

In any one year there will be a maximum of two long-term ISN-APSN fellowships (12 months) awarded. Funds may be distributed pro rata for short term fellowships to replace the long term fellowships.

Applications must be submitted to the ISN Fellowship Program using its standard documentation which includes an application form, a description of the aims and plans for the Fellowship, evidence of support from host and home mentors, and commitment of the home institution to re-employ the Fellow on return. There are two deadlines for applications each year: 15th December and 15th June.

Details for application are provided in the ISN-APSN Fellowship link above.


ISN Cross Regional Education and Exchange in Dialysis (CREED) fellowship

This fellowship is the advancement of nephrology in the developing world, more particularly in Oceania and SE Asia (OSEA).For young physicians preferably from Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos or Myanmar (although other SE Asia countries will be considered) wishing to train in any appropriate country in Oceania and SE Asia only.

IACN-ISN-HKSN Scholarships

This initiative supports young (age <40y) nephrologists living and working in China who are looking for short-term training in either their home country, Hong Kong or an overseas institution led by a Chinese nephrologist and is co-funded by the International Association of Chinese Nephrologists (IACN) and the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology (HKSN) alongside the ISN. Applications can be submitted on the ISN Fellowship portal





May 1

Fellowship Program
Clinical Research Program

October 1

Fellowship Program
Sister Renal Centers Program
Sister Transplant Centers Program

All year long

Educational Ambassadors Program
Continuing Medical Education Program